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    1111=== [wiki:news_2007 News archive of 2007] ===
     13=== News archive of 2006 ===
     15==== 29.12.2006 ====
     16In the early January 2007 the New MRMC Version (1.2.1) is going to be available!
     18==== 15.12.2006 ====
     19WARNING: The Qureshi-Sanders uniformization algorithm requires ordering of the state space according to the state rewards. That is why temporarily:
     21        * properly ordered input files should be provided to MRMC
     22        * lumping (bisimulation) should not be used
     24in case of CSRL model checking that involves Qureshi-Sanders uniformization algorithm (Time- and reward-bounded until).
     25We already work on fixing these limitations and malfunctions.
     27==== 08.12.2006 ====
     28        * Our paper, named "Bisimulation minimization mostly speeds up probabilistic model checking." was accepted at [ TACAS'07] [attachment: PDF] [attachment: BibTex]
     29        * There is now a new web-page on the MRMC web-site. It is called [wiki:Related Related]. There you may find some third-party projects, papers etc. that reference MRMC in this or that way.
     30          If you have your reference, that you would like to add/remove, just e-mail us at: '''???'''
     32==== 14.11.2006 ====
     33One of you, our dear users, have found that it is possible to build and use MRMC under Windows using Cygwin.
     34The trick is to add:
     35    ''#include < sys/time.h >''
     36line into the includes section of:
     37    ''src/mcc.c'' and ''src/io/parser/parser_etmcc2.y''
     38files of the distribution. Note that this fix has been added into the currently downloadable version since '''14.11.2006'''.
    1340=== [wiki:news_2005 News archive of 2005] ===