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MRMC Specifications

Here you will find all kinds of specifications and documents related to MRMC.


  • The MRMC interface:
    • Version 1.2.2 TXT
    • Version 1.2.1 TXT
    • Version 1.2 TXT
  • Wikipedia and MRMC:


  • Markov Reward Model Checker, VOSS-II final meeting. PDF
  • How Fast and Fat Is Your Probabilistic Model Checker? [PPS]
  • Bisimulation minimisation mostly speeds up probabilistic model checking. [PDF]
  • Safe On-The-Fly Steady-State Detection for Time-Bounded Reachability. [PDF]
  • A Markov Reward Model Checker. [PDF]
  • ETMCC v2.0 (MRMC), VOSS-II kick off meeting. [PDF]


  • Tag der Informatik'06 at RWTH-Aachen. [JPG], [PNG]

Note: This page is constantly under construction, more documents will be coming here.