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Contribute to MRMC

We always welcome your contribution to MRMC! There are many ways in which you can contribute, like programming, debugging, testing, brainstorming, supporting and designing. Feel free to drop us a mail!

Development Process:

We have a set of guidelines that have been created on our experience. Those guidelines ensure that we make releases of the highest quality. These guidelines can be found here: TXT

Unimplemented Features:

  • Markov Reward Model Checker, VOSS-II final meeting. PDF
  • How Fast and Fat Is Your Probabilistic Model Checker? PPS
  • Bisimulation minimisation mostly speeds up probabilistic model checking. PDF
  • Safe On-The-Fly Steady-State Detection for Time-Bounded Reachability. PDF
  • A Markov Reward Model Checker. PDF
  • ETMCC v2.0 (MRMC), VOSS-II kick off meeting. PDF

Support Fellow Users:

Art and Design: