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Contribute to MRMC

We always welcome your contribution to MRMC! There are many ways in which you can contribute, like programming, debugging, testing, brainstorming, supporting and designing. Feel free to drop us a mail!


  1. Development Process
  2. Ideas
  3. Support Fellow Users

Development Process

We have a set of guidelines that have emerged while developing MRMC. They ensure that we make releases of the highest quality. You can find them here: 4DEVELOPERS


The following are ideas you can work on:

  • Employ graphical processor units to do the core matrix operations in MRMC.
  • TODO

Support Fellow Users

We stay in contact with ours users via the mrmc-users mailinglist. Question are occasionally asked and we answer them in a timely fashion. You can join our community by subscribing to the list, and also help out fellow MRMC-users. Subscribe here: